Congratulations Earthling 73592197! Welcome to Planet Divoc-91.

Terraformed for your breathing pleasure.

The current risk of a catastrophic asteroid wiping out all life on Planet Earth is approximately 99.999999%. Do not fear. You have been chosen to save the human race. Follow instructions carefully. Your survival and that of your species depend on it. Enjoy your stay, but whatever you do – don’t eat the plants. – Adro, lead of the ‘Board of Adversity Scientists for Intergalactic Leadership’ (BASIL).

PLANET DIVOC-91 is a nine-part allegorical webcomic, which follows Sanda and Champo Oung who have been zapped to another planet along with all young adults between the age of 16-25. Each chapter features the work of a different creative team of comics pros and newcomers including Charlie Adlard (The Walking Dead); Hannah Berry (Livestock), Karrie Fransman (Gender Swapped Fairytales), Bobby Joseph (Skank), with covers from iconic artists including Elsa Charretier, Matt Kindt, David Rubins, and Alitha Martinez.

The story is interspersed with short articles, links to videos, and other pieces of art by young adults from India, South Africa, and the UK, exploring issues related to COVID-19. Some of this additional content is available on this website.

Full comic available for free on Webtoons Canvas (You will be asked to add a DOB to discover us).

Welcome, and enjoy!