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Poem by Shreshtha Mondal

Some had it easy; some had it tough
To many, we young adults are just social media posts and meme stuff
Sadly, we have raised our voices yet still dismissed enough
They say you haven’t even lived enough to understand life
Is that to escape because it’s not easy to understand our strife?
For those few who step ahead to hear us, sometimes called our experiences conjured
It simply weighs down our burdens even more to leave us injured
Sometimes we all need you to lend an ear, not your words, to get respite
Sometimes, we need you to say, ‘I am there for you, it’s alright!’
Ask us what we want, we will tell you clearly
We understand all of us are just trying to make it through this life barely
We have tried reaching out to you in multiple ways
But know that someday change will be there, it’s not gonna stay the same always!
We try to look beyond the blacks and whites, knowing there’s a spectrum
All we need is your support to balance all this smoothly in life’s fulcrum
These times have been difficult for most, if not all
Let’s watch each other’s back till the inevitable fall?
Online or offline, seas or hill slope
Can we connect with each other just to hold on to hope?

Sandra and Champo Hopeful